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Mens Fashion: 90S Revival

The nineties were far more than just the glory days of Power Rangers and the rise of the girl power movement of The Spice Girls. The Bee Gees made a comeback, Will Smith became the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and sneakers became an essential for earning some street cred. Rock stars took centre stage as style icons, and kids battled it out over who could go head-to-toe in Adidas athletic wear first. While the 80’s might have been synonymous with excess, the 90’s brought things back to basics. Padded shoulders and mullets slipped into the background, replaced by flannel shirts and ripped jeans. Gadgets grew as fashion accessories with the introduction of inventions such as the pager watch. Like me you might have been an infant in the 90’s. So, if you need help reliving the three years of the 90’s that you remember, you’ve come to the right place. With the 90s coming back into fashion you need to be educated on the trends that defined a generation.

Ripped Jeans
“But ripped jeans are already popular today,” I hear you cry. But we’re not talking jet black skinny jeans with small bits of distressing that go nicely over your ankle boots. We’re talking denim in a daring light blue, with giant slits, and a fit that’s the furthest thing from slim. Think “Boyz n The Hood” over Kanye West. Although I am not welcoming back the parachute pant an idea of a more relaxed shape is something we can always adapt to, and with light-washed styles getting more and more on trend, it’s not that far of a jump from what you’re already used to. Even 90s icon Kurt Cobain rocked this —with the equally acceptable patchwork mending. With forward-thinking runway designers like Junya Wantanabe and Gosha Rubchinskiy already incorporating wide and/or patchy into denim in their runway collections, maybe you can finally dust off those old Girbauds you have stashed in that dark corner of your closet.

The Tracksuit
By the ‘90s, the tracksuit itself was both as an on-field athletic staple, as well as a hip-hop icon. With major Olympic Games in 1992 and 1996, especially with ‘92’s Barcelona basketball “Dream Team,” tracksuits—now covered in vivid graphic designs—were far from dead. While earlier decades focused on a slimmer fit, these renditions were cut with a relaxed silhouette, making them perfect for pre and post-game attire, but also perfect for lounging around. As various English soccer clubs proved their might during international tournament play in Italy and France, the club’s supporters would get their hands-on tracksuits from Sergio Tacchini and Fila. If a club’s supporters were decked out in the latest tracksuits from abroad, it meant that club was especially good. Basically, tracksuits were a casual’s bragging rights in physical form. Europe’s developing rave scene also co-opted the tracksuit, thanks to its colourful designs, and sheer comfort and utility. Again, you don’t have to play a sport to appreciate sportswear. Hip-hop’s relation to the tracksuit also evolved in the ‘90s, and while much of the style’s attachment to the music scene would really peak in the following decade. Guys like Jay-Z and Diddy used their individual personas (and clothing labels) to kickstart the mentality that wearing a tracksuit on the regular meant you were so well paid that you didn’t need to sweat things like “getting dressed.” This then evolved as a trend in the early 2000s with pop culture icons Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan starting the Velour Tracksuit trend. Today tracksuits are still very much the norm and can be worn in so many ways so definitely pick up the Adidas Originals two piece while you can.

In all seriousness, what would the decade have been without dungarees? They were fun to wear as a kid and made an appearance in just about every Saved by The Bell episode, so obviously they were a must-have especially when paired with a straight-up curtain fall haircut. Sure, they were probably the least flattering garment ever to exist, but did that matter in the ’90s? No. To bring this look into 2018 they are many ways to style the dungaree to become a more understated look. Pair a white print crew-neck t-shirt with overalls for a relaxed take on day-to-day wear. White low top sneakers will instantly smarten up even the laziest of looks. Wear a grey striped long sleeve shirt with dungarees for a refined yet off-duty ensemble. Dress up your getup with black leather boots. A combination of a neutral tone graphic print crew-neck sweater and dungarees is perfect for off-duty occasions. Take a classic approach with the footwear and grab a pair of camel Timberland boots to give the look a more urban vibe.

Air Jordan’s
Michael Jordan won six championships in the ’90 but undeniably his collection of shoes with sportswear brand Nike, The Air Jordan’s are the most iconic thing to come from his career. Every pop culture icon in the ’90s rocked a pair and they are undeniably the greatest trend of the ’90s. Air Jordan’s are still a popular craze today with celebrities such as Travis Scott, The Weekendand Pharrell rocking the kicks. Air Jordan’s collaboration with hip hop superstar Drake, the OVO Air Jordan 10s, becoming one of the fastest selling sneakers in the decade it is obvious to see that the Air Jordan collection is evolving with the times. Pick yourself up a pair of air Jordan’s for an effortless yet athletic look. You can pick them up in Footlocker or grab incredibly rare styles on websites such as goat and kixify!

As you can tell the 90s was full of style wins and losses, but it is evident that this era gave way to some daring style choices that would define the generations well after this golden age. 2018 is the year of the 90s revival so definitely jump on the bandwagon.

Article by: Reece Creed
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