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Everyone loves a good cup of coffee and a chat and Limerick is teeming with spots to go. Sometimes the hustle and bustle of the big coffee shops can put you off popping in with your friends for a meet up, so here at TLM we put together a list of the best places in Limerick to go for a coffee and a chat.

Chez le fab
Straight away when you enter Chez le Fab (self described as the eclectic picnic by the park) you are greeted with the most friendly staff and amazing atmosphere. With so many places to sit, an animal friendly atmosphere and books and boardgames to use at your disposal, chez le fab is the ideal place for a coffee and a chat with friends.

Now nicely settled into their brand new location, Canteen also sports a new hip and modern interior. Immediately you feel at ease not wanting to just grab your coffee and go. With an earthy wooden themed element throughout, Cafe Canteen is perfect to grab a coffee and sit down in comfort.

Situated where canteen used to operate, Rift cafe adopts the same relaxed DIY wooden aesthetic as Canteen. With a cool relaxed atmosphere, Rift produces all organic coffee and provides the perfect area to drink it in. Just like canteen wooden benches surrounding the cafe make it just right for a quiet coffee with friends.

Olio and Farina
On Catherine street limericks most loved coffee street Olio and Farina sports a great atmosphere, and is super cosy. Old fashioned, top class and fuss free service. One of the oldest coffee shops in Limerick O&F is at the focal point of Limericks coffee scene with its prime location. A must go for a quiet city centre coffee with amazing food and oitside seating (perfect for a spot of people watching).

Cafe Waffe
Located on Mallow Street Cafe Waffe is another one of Limericks hidden gems, sporting one of the nicest lunch menus in town. With cheap affordable food and possibly one of the nicest vegetarian menus on the market, Cafe Waffe is just right for a lunchtime get together.

Ma’s Kitchen
Nestled in the heart of the Milk Market, Ma’s Kitchen is quite possibly one of the best places to grab a coffee and breakfast in Limerick. Ma’s recently expanded to include a extensive seating area, making Ma’s the quintessential coffee experience for meeting with friends, service with a smile.

Jack Monday’s
Jack Mondays can be found next to Limericks Treaty Stone and boasts an eclectic menu. Overlooking the Shannon River, Jack Monday’s is just perfect for a sit down. Due to its scenic location there is always room for a chat while sampling a lovely affordable cup of coffee.

Story Cafe
In the perfect location just on the cross section of Denmark Street and Cruises street Story Cafe is a truly unique one on this list. Using some of the best Limerick branding ever ‘Story Cafe’ is so aptly named because of the friendliest owner who is always up for a chat and greets you with the penultimate limerick slang, ‘Sthory?’ With the perfect people watching window Story Cafe is an exemplary place for a sit and a coffee

The Buttery
Situated on Bedford Row, The Buttery brings us one of the most aesthetic and nicely kept cafes Limerick has to offer. With an honestly gorgeous interior, The Buttery, most commonly known for it’s hearty breakfasts – also offers a wide variety of lunch and evening dining options and the service is impeccable.

Ban an Ti
On Limericks best known cafe street, Little Catherine Street, Ban an Ti is one of the best known Limerick Cafes. With beautiful pastries and such a relaxed atmosphere inside, Ban an Ti had to sneak onto this list. Its outside sitting area is always teeming with friends catching up and enjoying the weather. No trip to Limerick is complete without a visit here so if you’re meeting friends why not pop down?

Article by: Cathal Ryan
Photography by: Tarmo Tulit

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