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Limerick Music Roundup

Pity of the Sea – Abandoned EP
In this new music endeavour, Ger Devine and Tony Monahan (Protobaby) delve into the mind and motives of a ruthless, fictional killer. In this five track EP, Pity of the Sea raises questions on morals and perspective through studying this character. Despite these complex themes, the tracks themselves are presented in a simplistic manner with clean riffs and steady rhythm throughout, never straying too far from the basics. This straightforward approach lays the perfect foundation for the dark and complicated song topics, careful not to overwhelm the listener.

Sophie Flanagan – Numb
Young singer-songwriter Sophie Flanagan recently released her debut single, ‘Numb’. ‘Numb’ is a stunning homage to the hardships and struggles of heartache. Sophie Flanagan writes far beyond her years in this mature and apt account of coping with overwhelming emotion, pleading for numbness. Flanagan’s influences stem from a plethora of powerful, modern voices such as Halsey and Daughter. ‘Numb’ shows not only outstanding promise for the young singer songwriter, but also leaves listeners with a want for more; a want to watch Flanagan grow and develop as an artist and see where her next single takes us.

Dylan Flynn – Soho
Dylan Flynn (Monday Villains) is a young upcoming artist from Limerick. In June 2017, Dylan previously released an acoustic project entitled ‘Finally’. Following a string of live performances and devotion to writing and recording, Flynn returns with rock track ‘Soho’. This feel-good track is packed full of youthful energy and vigor. Flynn’s raw, punk-esque vocals are complemented by percussion-soaked guitar riffs and all-round intensity.

Slow Riot – Voyeur/ Burn the city
Hitting us with loud and heavy shoe gaze, local Lim-rockers Slow Riot blasted back into the scene with the loud distorted sound of their new single Voyeur/ Burn the city. A two track release featuring droning guitars and heavy riffs reminiscent of Slowdrive makes this an unforgettable glimpse into the peddle driven sound Slow Riot undertake. Both tracks explode from the onset hitting us with reverb-laden madness, structured fantastically. Voyeur from its opening chords smacks us with a clear post-punk arrangement with Slow Riots unique driven sound and Burn the City only reinforces this blasting overdrive. This single is sure to just be a taste of what is to come in 2018.

Zombie Picnic – Rise of a new Ideology
Zombie Picnic has returned blasting fresh prog-rock with their much-awaited second album Rise of a new Ideology. The Limerick based 4 piece instrumental band has created an extremely eclectic sound with their new album. Recording outrageous vocal samples layered with intricate solos, makes us think of Pink Floyd brought to much darker places. The new album released on vinyl, features two raw progressive songs coupled with four ‘poppier’ songs on side B to create a very unique sound. Both the artwork and song titles grab the listener as much as the songs, with the whole album fitting together into a beautifully cohesive aesthetic. Rise of a new Ideology launches in Dolans on March 9th with the Casavettes on support.

Article by: Christine Costello & Cathal Ryan

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