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Social Media Planning

Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today- ROBERT MCKEE

As a publisher it has always been our aim at Fusion Media to tell stories. So often companies share their frustrations with us about having to go to multiple sources to get something written, photographed, planned, and being frustrated at having to buy images in order to keep their channels interesting. There are few places that provide all those solutions as part of one service.

No matter what your industry, chances are you’ve heard the term “social media marketer” and that is part of what we do at Fusion Media. The most in-demand service for us is Social Media Management. Social media marketing has fast become the cornerstone of many brands’ customer-facing strategies It is key to your business, yet business owners face a number of challenges when it comes to social media – from finding the time to source content, to messages becoming mixed due to a lack of experience leading to damaged business reputations.

From developing a social media presence to cultivating quality content to creating integrated marketing strategies, a social media manager always has their finger on the pulse of the community and the latest social trends and sites—and do it all in real time. We strive towards one end goal: connecting and engaging consumers to drive deeper relationships and increased conversions.

How Social Media Experts Work
Understanding how social media fits into the equation will lead to better results. Today consumers are increasingly multi-platform. They come to a brand’s website, download an app, visit the store, “like” the company on Facebook; often doing all of these things in a single purchase cycle. A skilled social media marketer can meet these objectives:

•Setting initial benchmarks for followers and increased traffic.
•Prepare quality content for blogs and social platforms.
•Create promotions and contests to increase engagement.
•Engage with experts and influencers to increase brand reach.
•Use analytics software to measure campaign success.

Social media marketers should have a strong background in creating engaging social content and posts, plus understanding how social media impacts a brand’s overarching marketing strategy. Social media is often a consumer’s first experience with a business, so a strong social presence is essential to creating successful marketing strategies. Attributes that make a social media professional successful are creativity, passion, and a commitment to delivering engaging, high-quality experiences for potential customers. Successful marketers are always looking to push the envelope and to hone their skills in the space. And because the industry is evolving so quickly, we truly never stop learning or evolving our skills, it’s in our DNA.

Article by: Michelle Costello
Photography by: Joanna Kosinska
[email protected]
+353 (0) 61 394776

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