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One Hundred and One, O’Connell Street, Limerick

This year Limerick’s nightlife will bloom with a finely curated mix of music, cocktails and fabulous inside gardens. One Hundred and One, a new multi-purpose venue is located in the city’s main business, dining and drinking area, where you can step away from the busy city life into a garden of oasis featuring extensive cocktails, beers and wines and enjoy a throwback to the prohibition era vibes, with a hint of our Irish history located at 101 O’Connell Street.

The first stage of this property, a 1920’s Flavoured Parlour Bar opened just before Christmas. You can find this underground boîte, tucked away, down the steps beneath O’Connell Street. “As you are greeted down the steps by door staff, you are immediately hit with an authentic “Irish bar”. Hard woods, exposed stone and dimmed warm lights bring you straight into a true pub. Secreted between these true to form features are paintings by Solus – A well-travelled Irish artist.

These are the first taste of the modern side to our operation.” James Lennon tells The Limerick Magazine. “As you leave the basement bar you are drawn into the garden bar. It’s brighter, greener and has more energy. I would call the garden “the party space”. It has the feel of a secret Victorian garden”. The party space in unique to Limerick as it includes a heated outdoor area, along with an electronic roof that closes automatically if it’s raining and arrangement of seating with hidden nooks, ideal for two. Hello date night! And, plenty of options for larger parties.

This is two of a total of five venues planned in One Hundred & One. Another one of the properties signature features will be a decadent cocktail piano bar, described as, “a cocktail bar, like Limerick has never seen”. Due to open in the summertime, this will open out onto Limerick’s only rooftop garden venue, which will have views of the Hanging Garden office building, giving customers that New York concrete jungle vibe.

The multi-venue site is a joint venture by James Lennon and Tony Enright who also own and run Limerick’s most successful and longest running nightclub, Icon Night Club and Smyths Bar. James tell us, “The concept came to life the second we walked into the building. It’s placement on the main street of Limerick makes it a building which has seen and been through the changes of the past centuries. It made sense to do something authentic, but still with a bit of our modern flair. O’ Connell Street and the surrounding areas are dense in culture and history, so we have so much information to draw from. Connecting its theme to the authentic history of Limerick was very important for us, as we hope it will help people be proud of their city and how far it has come.”

Asked what he thinks the clientele will expect from a night out at One Hundred and One, James tell us, “Our signature features would have to be this incredible heated garden space, along with our unique and ever developing cocktail menus, our uniforms have been a real hit also! Our clients can always look forward to a night of good service but above all else fun! The biggest change we have made to the period style of our bar is do away with the stuffy snobbery sometimes associated with this era, in replace of a good time for all.” By the time the full project is completed there’ll be a piano bar, a boardroom bar, a main bar that was originally Bentley’s, and a coffee shop, serving food.

One Hundred and One promises to become a favourite of drink enthusiasts looking for a stylish night out in Limerick.

Article by: Michelle Costallo
Photography by: Tarmo Tulit

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