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Living in Limerick 10 things to do for under €10

Everyone’s pockets are a bit tight after the Christmas shopping sprees, however that doesn’t mean you have to spend the whole of January inside. There’s plenty to do in Limerick under €10 so you can have fun without breaking the bank.

Go bowling
FunWorld on the Ennis Road offers plenty of activity with an arcade, pool tables, and a bowling alley. There’s also a Supermacs for when you get hungry. It’s €5 to go bowling from Monday to Thursday and on Friday and Saturday its €7 for adults and €6 for kids.

See a movie
What’s better than seeing new releases on the big screen? Not spending a fortune seeing new releases in the cinema. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays you can see a movie for only €6, and maybe you’ll have some change left to treat yourself to popcorn.

Visit the Frank McCourt Museum
For fans of Angela’s Ashes or those who want to learn more about Limerick’s famous faces, a visit to the Frank McCourt Museum is a perfect day out, and partially so because admission is only €4. It’s a great chance to learn about the Limerick author with walking tours, memorabilia, and a small 1930’s classroom.

Go to the Hunt Museum
The Hunt Museum is a focal point for culture, history and art in Limerick. They often host poetry readings, lectures, and talks, but it’s not all boring when there isn’t an event on; the exhibitions themselves are vastly interesting and educational. Admission is only €5 per person and €3.50 per person of you come with a group. The change can be spent on a nice cup of coffee from the Hunt Cafe afterwards to help soak in the experience.

25-10-13 Lough Gur Visitor Centre

Lough Gur & Heritage Centre
We could all do with a walk and some fresh air after over indulging and napping for Christmas. Why not visit the beautiful Lough Gur in County Limerick to breathe in some fresh country air. Admission to the Heritage Centre is €5 for adults, €3 for kids, and €4 for students and seniors where you can learn about the history or the lake and understand it’s landmarks and features.

Go on a Thomond Park Tour
Thomond Park is still the place to go, even when there isn’t a match on. A tour will provide the history of the stadium as well as access to areas otherwise restricted to the public. Who doesn’t want a photo on the locker room and a peak behind the scenes? The tour for adults ranges between €5-10 and is €3-8 for kids.

Go Swimming
We could do with some exercise after Christmas and being more active is a common resolution. Swimming is not only great for your health but also fun, making it a great activity for groups of friends or a family day out. Admission to the UL swimming pool is €7.50 for adults and €4 for kids. The kiddies will also love the big inflatables that come out during the weekend.

See a Classic
The cinema shows new releases, but the University Concert Hall offers the chance to relive the classics on their own big screen. UCH’s upcoming films include Flashdance, the Little Mermaid, and Moulin Rouge. Tickets cost €7.50 per person but are only €5 if you book online.
Go to the Limerick City Gallery of Art
The art gallery in Pery Square is home to all sorts of wonderful creations. There always seems to be a new exhibition on show from local arts. Best of all, it’s free entry so you don’t have to worry about cost, unless you want to tuck into one of Zests homemade cakes while on a break.

St John’s Cathedral
We often admire and visit cathedrals elsewhere but take our own for granted. St John’s has beautiful stained glass windows, magnificent steeples, and lovely choirs during mass. There’s even a gift shop to pick up holy relics to cherish. The cathedral is free to enter but the clergy would appreciate a small donation when lighting a candle.

Article by: Aisling O’Conner

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