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Startup Spotlight: Gym Go

The people behind Cyber Smarties – the safe social network build for kids which teaches them how to behave online – have launched a new business endeavour; Gym Go. The new company seeks to help users engage with gyms and personal trainers and pick one which best suits their needs.

“ was launched in November 2017 with the intention of building Irelands No.1 Website for Gyms, Personal Trainers and Classes. As individuals, each of us within the team were looking for gyms or personal trainers to suit different needs, prices and locations but could not find one place where everyone was listed”, said Diarmuid Hudner, the founder of both companies.

He explained how as potential gym goers, they wanted to see what the gyms looked like and the type of gym they were, so they could get a feel for what they were like and what they stood for before going. “One of the team only wanted to do a specific class and he also could not find anywhere he could compare one class against another or even to know what all the terms and types of fitness training stood for. . As the company already has experience building behavioural technology and was awarded as the SFA Best Emerging New Business 2017 for Cyber Smarties, the team was confident they knew what they were doing.

“We are specialists in behavioural technology, consumer mapping and digital marketing and have teams in Ireland (HQ), Bangladesh, Ukraine, Nepal and Eygpt. Our ethos remains the same: We like to help people live a happier, more fulfilled life using next generation smart technology”.

Mr Hudner believes that businesses often lose sight of the fact that they are dealing with human beings “who are as individual grains of sand on the beach”. “We are looking for different things from a gym because we are all unique in our desires and attitudes”, he said. He points out that the majority of people who go to a gym, quit after a month or so and believes that this is because they did not find the right gym or personal trainer for them.

“ is about giving the power back to the individual in picking the gym, personal trainer or class which suits them best by comparing what is out there”, he explained. “We all live busy lives with different commitments so sometimes we might just want a gym that opens very early, or is women only or perhaps needs a personal trainer who will push us and motivate us to become the ideal version of ourselves”, he continued. Furthermore, provides an opportunity for gyms or personal trainers to tell people what makes them unique and the specific service they offer. When it came to building, the team was lucky as they had learned a lot from building Cyber Smarties, as its child safety features are very complex. “We had developed a behavioural technology to predict individual and group behaviour in response to their fears, anxiety levels and self-esteem.

We found that this same technology could be used for as people can be quite anxious about going to the gym for the first time, can be very self-conscious and also their motivations for getting fit can be very different” he explained. He believes that the company stemmed from a deep desire to help people change their lives for the better.

He added that gyms and personal trainers have been very receptive to as the company has granted them access to a new platform to showcase themselves.

So far, has received positive feedback and formed strong relationships with gyms and personal trainers. “It’s about everyone playing to their strengths so for example you may have a brilliant gym who offer a fantastic service but they don’t know how to get that across to people.

So we work with our clients directly, advising them that what they need to do with their listing to let people know how great or unique they are”, he said. “We can’t do what they do and they can’t do what we do so by working together, we get great results”, he continued.

With regards to support from the start-up community, Mr Hudner said that Limerick has always treated the team well. “There is a pulse which has returned to the city, a pride in ourselves and a hunger to make Limerick stand out in the country as a whole.

You can’t teach that hunger, it has to come naturally and there has always been a willingness from Limerick people to help our own and stand up for each other”, he said.

He explained how as a tech company there is a lot of pressure to locate to Dublin but they were adamant about staying in Limerick. “If you want to do business with us, then come down to Limerick”, he said. Initially they had to travel to get clients, but now people come to them. For the company the greatest lesson learned is that business, like life, goes in crests and troughs but you always have to be moving forward.

As for the future, Mr Hudner, would like to develop and test new ideas as they are an innovative company with a very creative team. “I would like in five years’ time, not just to have Cyber Smarties and but multiple businesses all working successfully”, he said. “Some people say you should stick to just one market area but I feel in today’s world, with today’s unstable economy, you need to have multiple and varied revenue streams…staying still isn’t an option and anyway…where would the fun be in that”.

Article by: Aisling O’Connor

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