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Bedroom Vibes

Your bedroom is a refuge from the big crazy world we live in, so why not give it as many good vibes as you possibly can? Channel your energy and let these inspirational looks bring more good vibes into your safest of spaces.

Tips to add to the atmosphere
-Soothing Scents: fill your space with relaxing aromas, incense works or open the windows.

-Indoor Nature: plants bring a special kind of life into the room. They remind you that the world is much bigger than any current problems on your mind and they make the air you breathe cleaner and happier.

-Candles: to create a warm glow whenever you can use a little extra R&R. Try lavender, sandalwood or ylang ylang for a relaxed atmosphere.

-Cosy Bedding: Make sure not to neglect your sense of touch as falling into soft, plush bedding tells your body that it’s time to wind down and forget the day.

-Ban electronics: The last thing you need when you’re trying to unwind from the day is constant interruptions and distractions from the outside world, so keep electronics out. This small change can make a huge difference when it comes to finding your inner zen.

-Empty Floor: Most Feng Shui experts will tell you that good energy likes to flow freely underneath and around the bed. If you’re really looking to step up your zen game, clean up and clear out this space.

Laura Ashley
Clarence low double headboard in edwin chenille blush, provencale dove grey, 4 drawer chest, 1 drawer bedside tables, triple pleat in bacall silver curtains, palms jacquard silver bed linen, blush plain dyed bedlinen, palms slate quilt, lizzy blush blanket, carpi large round, feather cloud natural ceiling pendant, juliet mocha wall lights, feather printed drum shade, ellie mother of pearl cylinder bases, set of 3 LED candles, nigella silver large pillow, bolster pillow, feathers printed cushion, mila silver rug, pink sunset canvas, candle in large faceted jar, emelia small jewellery box, polka dot carafe and tumbler, mother of pearl and silver effect frame, blush medium pink alarm clock, petal glass tealight holder.

Laura Ashley
Clarence double bed in vallandry off white, pemberley armchair in chester hedgerow, hereford chaise in wootton natural, clifton ivory 4 drawer half moon chest, 3 door, 3 drawer wardrobe, 3 drawer bedside chest, harewood pink grapefruit curtains, harewood print pink grapefruit, parker knitted hedgerow blanket, anastasia pistachio blanket, juliet silver grand easy fit ceiling pendant, martha glass pendant, drum shade in bacall hedgerow, blake large glass base, nigella mango and pink grapefruit cushions, harewood embroidered pink grapefruit cushion, lawler pearl rug, set of 3 perfume bottles framed prints, elcot satin gold effect alarm clock, freshly cut flowers set of 3 votives, diffuser.

Harvey Norman
Gemstone Double Bed Frame €599

Harvey Norman Accessories
Antique Bronze Yoga Figures €75
Pure Wool Tweedmill Throw €60.00
Homesense Ireland – Boho Bedroom


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