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August TV

Starring Kathy Bates this new Netflix show premiers on 25th August. Bates plays an advocate of the legalisation of cannabis who makes her dream come true by opening up a cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles. The twenty episode season will chronicle Ruth and her entrepreneurial exploits as she runs her dispensary along with her twenty-something son, her ‘budtenders’ and a troubled security guard. With television powerhouses Chuck Lorre and David Javerbaum behind the scenes this could well be the next great comedy to give you some wonderful stoner-inspired giggles.

The Tick
The Tick animation series in the mid-nineties was a personal favourite during my childhood and it’s getting a second chance at a live action series with the wonderfully talented Peter Serafinowicz in the title role. In this incarnation, an accountant who lives in a world where superheroes exist comes to the shocking realisation that his city is owned by a supervillain. Our accountant becomes acquainted with our titular superhero, and goofy heroics and witty one-liners come to play. This will be a twelve episode series on Amazon Prime, but the series will be split in half and we’ll need to wait until 2018 for the final six episodes.

The private detective Cormoran Strike is finally coming to our screens in a three episode series covering the events of A Cuckoo’s Calling. Tom Burke (War and Peace) shall be filling the shoes of the private investigator with Holliday Grainger (The Borgias) playing the role of Strike’s more than capable secretary Robin Ellacott. While A Cuckoo’s Calling’s author JK Rowling (Robert Galbraith) isn’t penning the script, she is at the helm as executive producer so quality is certainly guaranteed. Airing on BBC One.

Blood Drive
Set in the ‘distant future’ of 1999, the United States have literally been split in two following the Great Fracking Quakes, and environmental decline has led to a scarcity of water while gasoline is too expensive to buy. Meanwhile, a megacorporation is exploiting the dilemma to become powerful enough to control the economy, politics and society. Enter a Los Angeles Police Department office and a femme fatale who partake in a death race where the cars are run on human blood. This series is done in the grindhouse style so expect lots of swearing and blood spatters as the blood-driven car race reveals that the megacorporation may be more involved in our heroes’ lives than they ever thought. Enjoy the madness when it premieres on 10th August.

I’m Dying Up Here
Produced by Jim Carrey, I’m Dying Up Here is a new show exploring the hilarious, troubled comics who ply their trade at a comedy club. It kicks off with the death of a comic which affects the minds, relationships and careers of all the comics at the club. It has become almost a cliché that comedians are very troubled behind their funny facades, but I’m Dying Up Here intelligently explores this trope as each character battles their own struggles, and sometimes each other, while the witty jokes keep coming fast and furious. This promising show will air on Sky Atlantic.

Another new show for the Netflix list, Atypical is about Sam, an 18-year-old on the autism spectrum who is looking for more independence and a girlfriend. A coming of age story, this isn’t just about Sam finding his own way in the world but also how it sets each of his parents on their own life-changing paths. As each member of the family tries to adjust to the new changes in life, they each begin to explore the question of what it means to be normal. Starring Jennifer Jason Leigh and Michael Rapaport, this could be another hit for Netflix when it premieres on 11th August.

Article by: Sarah Lafferty


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