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Urban Picnicking

Some of Limerick city’s best spots to walk, sit and relax with a packed lunch!

The Potato Market
A secluded spot in the city, the Potato Market boasts one of Limerick’s most spectacular views of the river Shannon as you take a walk across the footbridge.

Arthur’s Quay
Situated in the heart of the city, the park at Arthur’s Quay boasts an open air courtyard and a panoramic view of the river. With close proximity to the city’s shopping quarters, the park is a perfect place to stop and take a breather from the bustling city atmosphere.

University of Limerick
Voted University of the Year 2015, UL has one of the most impressive campuses in the country. The abundance of green areas and open spaces ensure there isn’t a shortage of places to explore, and makes for UL to be the perfect family getaway in the city.

People’s Park
Boasting a large playground to keep the kids entertained and wide open green areas, People’s Park is an ideal spot to sit for the afternoon under the summer sunshine. With close proximity to the Limerick City Gallery of Art as well as the shopping streets of the city, the park could be the quiet spot you need after a long day shopping

Shelbourne Park
Nestled just outside town, Shelbourne Park offers families wide open space to play a game of football, or just chill out in the grass on a warm summer evening. As it’s outside the city, you can find that the quiet space makes for a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of inner city Limerick.

Barrington’s Pier
An often overlooked viewpoint of the city, as we can drive straight past it without even realising, Barrington’s Pier gives a refreshing view upriver of Limerick City. Adjacent a quiet nature reserve, and with plenty of paths and walkways, the pier offers exploration and excellent jogging trails for those who want to get out and run in the sun.

O’ Callaghan Strand
A boardwalk like no other, O’ Callaghan strand is an excellent spot to talk a stroll down as the sun sets on Limerick City. Giving an exceptional view of the riverfront, and the city skyline, be sure to add it to your running route next time you head out for a jog, or even just on an afternoon walk.

Article by: Amanda Flannagan
Photography by: Tarmo Tulit & University of Limerick

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