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Shauna Style Diary

Style your stay-cation!
While holidaying abroad is amazing, there is a lot to say for our little country. No, the sun may not always shine but we have some of the most amazing hotels and spas that would be perfect for your getaway. Although some people might complain about our weather, I love styling outfits for this season. Pants and jackets are essential with our weather and this season we are seeing some seriously nice pants and jackets, ones you could never wear aboard because it would be too hot!

Check out some of my favourite pieces for your stay-cation below, all in stores now.

Firstly, there’s no going wrong with a denim jacket and this one is even cooler because its embroidered. You can rock this over anything, jeans or a dress, day or night. Make the embroidery pop by matching your shoes or your bag. The embroidery definitely makes this jacket look a lot more expensive than its actual price tag at just €49.95. Available from Zara.

Hate it or love it, khaki ain’t ever going out of style and I’m obsessed with this jacket. So much detail on the back making it look super expensive plus the peplum and shoulder detail give this jacket the most incredible shape. Again, you can pair this over anything. Definitely a statement piece and you can’t beat Zara’s price tag of €59.95.

I don’t know about you but I’ve been loving summer dresses. I know, I know, sometimes the weather prevents us wearing these BUT as the model has kindly demonstrated above, pair any summer dress with a cute long sleeve underneath and it gives you this effortless chic look. I personally love this dress from Zara because it’s asymmetrical which will give great shape to any body and it sits at a perfect length on the knee. €59.95

Shift dresses have truly become a love of mine. Do the hair and makeup, slap one of these bad boys on, and you’re ready for the day! Wear on its own or you can dress it up for a casual night out with a pair of jeans and heels as seen above. This off the shoulder shift dress is from H&M and is cheap as chips at just €22.99.

Can we all take a minute to lust over this? I love the colour scheme, great to bring out any bit of tan you’ve manage to catch and maintain over our Irish summer. Pair with a pair of tanned shoes for the cutest outfit on the planet. Available from Zara for €39.95.

For me H&M will always be the winners when it comes to blouses. They just get it right every time. This pale pink blouse would be perfect over a pair of denim of black jeans and a nice pair of tanned wedges. €24.99

H&M and myself have a lot in common.. we love a good frill! Make a statement with this pop of colour for just €34.99. Also love how there’s a pull in on the waist so you can tighten that baby up to give the impression of a smaller waist.

Last but not least : Culottes
These babies are my actual saviour. I wear these all the time, especially when I’m travelling. They are so comfortable and super stylish. Pair these bad boys with a plain white tea and a pair of trainers and you have the perfect outfit to travel or explore in. These are available from Zara for €34.95.


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