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Parenting – Dads

Ahead of Father’s Day, our dads reflect on their best moments as parents and how their own fathers have been there for them along the way.

Mark Lloyd: My best experience as a father? Too many to count. The births, the first steps, the first words, the devilish ice-cream smooching smiles, the sleeping angels, kicking ball, the list goes on. Who can forget the feeling of a week-old child asleep on your chest as you lie on the couch watching Judge Judy? It is a very uplifting experience to recall all these moments now.

There is one memory involving my father that is very special to me, but it is a selfish moment. One day last summer my three boys lined up for Limerick Cricket Club in The Mardyke in Cork. George and Tom played for the u12s and Jack played for the u14s. When they stood in for the team photo I swelled with pride. My dad was a keen cricketer with AIB, North Kildare and Old Belvedere. He died when I was eight. I’m somewhere between atheistic and agnostic, so I don’t believe in heaven or hell, but on that day, at that moment, I really felt that he was with me.

Jason Kenny: The best moments as a father are hearing your baby saying daddy for the first time and seeing your very first Father’s Day card. In terms of how my father inspired me, he taught me that your family comes first, no matter what. No sacrifice is enough for your family.

Timothy Cummins: My best experience was three days after we brought my daughter home from the hospital. She wasn’t sleeping at night and my wife was completely exhausted from the whole pregnancy/labour/breastfeeding/no sleep thing so I took the baby downstairs and rocked her to sleep in my arms. I spent six hours just staring at her sleeping in my arms before I went to sleep. It was amazing.

Before my daughter was born, my father didn’t exactly espouse the beauty of childbirth and told me to not watch the birth as I’d stop viewing my wife as sexy. He said children are like sausages: you’ll enjoy them more if you don’t watch them being made…

James Slattery: Watching my son playing the tin whistle at my wedding when he was seven he played Amazing Grace for my wife, Grace – that is up there with some of the great moments. Also being present at my quadruplets birth, that was an unreal experience.

My Dad would not be really into babies/toddlers and takes more interest when they are older, but he got involved when we had the quads. He and my mam would come over and feed them when they were very small and look after them so we could go to sleep or out for a while. I’m sure he was still watching the racing channel while he was doing it, but nevertheless!

Article by: Kayleigh Ziolo

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