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Travel – Pack it up and away we go

Campervans are the way to travel this Summer, it’s just you and the road and maybe a little country music playing for dramatic effect. You can mix it up anyway you like, friends, family, your partner in crime – exploring Ireland or Europe has never been easier. So here is our tips to get you into the groove.

Book your campervan in advance and early
Summer passes so fast and yes, we all want to escape Limerick and travel in a summer time. That is the main one – book early.

Do not plan for every minute
Campervan holidays are a perfect get away from your everyday life and stress related to it. Don’t create stress by creating detailed plans for every travel day. Besides, you don’t know what type of adventures and exciting places life will take you so you need to have some time for the unexpected. It’s the journey as well as the destination you will remember.

You are likely to miss something extraordinary by following the main roads taking you to biggest tourist attractions. Deviate from the mainstream and explore a bit. Take your camper to smaller roads and explore the authentic local cultures.

It’s good to start with a driver’s license. It’s obvious that you need one but one also needs to ensure that the weight limit of one´s rental camper does not go over the license limit. If you plan to visit other countries other than the one you rent the vehicle from its good to ensure beforehand if any additional documentation is needed. Make sure that you at least have documentation proving that you have an insurance for your vehicle. This widely recognised document is called “Green Card” and it´s good to keep nearby when travelling in Europe.

Most campers use gas for different appliances such as for heater and stove top. Remember countries often has different valve connections so one cannot replace an empty bottle in a different country where you picked up your rental motorhome.

Campers are big! Your rental is likely to be bigger than the vehicle you have back home. In addition to the different kind of vehicle the surroundings and the local conditions may be very different you are used to. The easiest way to have a carefree holiday is to have an insurance. Contact your local insurance company and ask for an insurance that covers rental vehicles. The rental company is likely to help you in this.

If you have any severe illnesses plan your route so that you are not too far away from civilisation. Also have a backup plan for any unplanned situations as a vehicle breakdown of malfunction. As an example it’s good to have something to cool down your medication if your motorhome fridge suddenly stops working and medication must be kept cool.

Enjoy the journey!

Article by: Michelle Costello

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