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Parenting – Toilet Training

During the onset of a series of house moves I cleverly decided that it would be a fantastic idea to toilet train the toddler. My reasoning was that it would be much better to leave the odours and stains associated with potty training in the house which we were leaving and would ensure that we could keep the professionally cleaned carpets in the new house free from pieces of poo particles. Luckily for our previous landlord, this was not to be. The toddler had other ideas. All attempts to acquaint him with the toilet were vehemently opposed and so the floors of remained free from potty contents.

My second foray into the world of toilet learning was slightly more successful. This time the toddler appeared to enjoy sitting on the potty but only with the iPad and episodes of a certain Pig on demand. Unfortunately this attempt was brought to a swift halt when I went into labour with the second child and was unable for the multi-tasking of both activities.

The third and final attempt at this toilet business ensued once I took on board the sage advice of some well seasoned mams! Here are some of the tips which have proven to be successful for the toilet training craic:

  • Before toilet training
    – Start when the child is showing signs of toilet readiness such as; showing interest in the toilet, demonstrates awareness of when they have peed and pooed, can pull pants up and down. Furthermore waking up dry from naps may indicate bladder control, another sign that the child might be ready.
  • – Read plenty of toilet themed books.
  • – Stock up on exciting new underpants.
  • – Think about training during the summer time when it is easier to run around bare bummed.

During toilet training
– Leave the child bare bummed.
– Encourage the child to wear crocs with no socks to help cope with spillages on the feet.
– Have several potties scattered around the house.
– Give the child plenty of liquids.
– Bring the child to the potty every 15 minutes.
– Have fun handwash available to encourage clean hands.
– Praise, praise and more praise for every little success.
– Do not use negative language when accidents occur.

After toilet training
– Locate the nearest bathroom facilities to your usual haunts such as the playground, shopping centre, bus route etc.
– Keep a potty in the buggy and car at all times to reduce the ‘searching for a toilet’ hysteria.
– Keep plenty of underpants and change of clothes with you when going out and about.
– If your child does not seem to progress after a few days, abandon the task for a few weeks or months until you are both in the right frame of mind.

Article by: Jane O’ Halloran

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