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Home & Lifestyle – Outside…In

At The Limerick Magazine office, we have been working hard to pick some beautiful home trends for Summer 2017. In case our summer isn’t what we hoped (when is an Irish summer ever predictable?), you can move the outside inside, and enjoy a zen like summer haze from the comfort of your own home.
Fire, sky, earth, water, and other outdoor elements make us feel refreshed, calm, and at one with the earth. How do we bring these elements from the outdoors into the home? The obvious way is by bringing plants and candles into our living space. Although a wonderful idea, it’s not always the most practical – so here’s 10 other simple ways to bring the outdoors in.

Natural Fibers, Textures and Patterns
Wicker, rattan, hemp, and jute are all materials that are inspired by nature. Choose these materials in your furniture for a comfortable oasis to relax.

Colours inspired by the outdoors
Greens remind us of the earth, grass and plants. Blues are refreshing like water and the sky. Yellows evoke a sense of freshness, like the sun and fresh flowers. Neutral tones such as whites, tans and beiges make your interiors feel natural, and clean. Use these colours on your walls, window coverings, bedding, and decor.

Use elements found in nature in your décor
Rocks, sea shells, jars of beach sand, wood, and straw are just a few elements which you can incorporate into your everyday living, to bring the outdoors in. Try adding photographs and murals of these elements if you don’t have the real thing on hand.

Entice your senses with outdoor cues
Woody incense and floral potpourri scents are always a treat. The sounds of rain, wind, and the beach are used in luxury spas to make the body feel relaxed and in tune with nature. This same feeling can be brought into your home.

Ensure all windows have a gorgeous view
If you have overgrown bushes or trash dumpsters blocking your view, clear it up! Bring the outdoors in by enjoying views of landscaping, pools, or just your kids playing out in the yard.

Choose eco-friendly materials for your home
Bedding, towels, cleaning products, and even paint all come in eco-friendly varieties. Try using earth friendly products on a daily basis; you’ll feel closer to nature, and the earth will thank you.

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Article by: Michelle Costello

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