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How we met

Three Limerick couples share their stories of how love struck them when they least expected…

Ciara and Shane
I spent some time in the US after leaving Ireland heartbroken. On my last night in San Francisco my best friend tried to convince me to go to a rave. So I went, only to get talking to some Irish boys, one in particular I had my eye on. He and I chatted briefly but that’s about it. We all exchanged information with each other and the night came to an end. Two days later I’m in LA and I get a message saying the boys are there too. So obviously I’m like ‘this is crazy, what are the chances, let’s meet up’. We head out and have a great time. Again, Shane and I are talking, having a laugh, nothing flirty… but I liked him. And I had a feeling he liked me.

The next day we’re all at the beach and talking about when we go home. The two boys say their flight is later that evening. Turns out whatever way Shane booked his flights, he’s staying one more night. Well, if that isn’t Jesus telling me something I don’t know what is. He and I decide to head out that night, alone. And my god we had some laugh, we totally clicked. It was the best night of my life.

The next day we head to the beach waiting for his flight. It was sad to say goodbye. He Facetimed me every day while I was there for a month longer.

Kate and TJ
We met when we were both living in London. After a friend and I had given up on a somewhat fruitless search for a flat to rent, we headed for lunch, which inevitably led to a bit of an afternoon drinking session, which led us in search of music. What we found was a typical old London Irish pub full of older Irish gents (not a woman in sight!). At that point we had failed to spot some younger men down at the back. We marched down to the end of the bar when all of a sudden two stools came flying across the floor for us to sit on – the fellas responsible didn’t even look in our direction so it was up to us to start talking to them! The one I had my eye on wouldn’t talk to me at first. I very nearly gave up until he finally asked me where I was from, proceeded to mock my accent and then dragged me up to dance! I found out he was sharing a room above the pub we were in. He loved the excitement of London life, as did I, but he eventually wanted to go home to the cottage he had so many plans for before the work dried up so abruptly. I said that maybe one day he would. That was six years ago, we now live back in his cottage in rural Limerick with our daughter, and he still occasionally mocks my accent.

Dean and Sintija
We met in the gym where I was working and he was working out, straight away we caught each other’s eye… love at first sight! We started chatting during my working hours and his working-out time we knew straight away we had that chemistry like no-one else but neither of us had guts to admit it first. I thought I was flirting as much as I could to get his interest meanwhile Dean was thinking I was just nice and friendly and that I wouldn’t be interested. It took time and lot of flirting and chatting and time was nearly running out for all of it as I decided to leave my job for another opportunity, so for Dean it was now or never.

I invited Dean to my last Spin class. He did come along even though it was after a party and yes he did nearly die, but finally they both realised that we both felt the same about each other.

On our second date we made a list of 100 things to do in one year – things like going to the zoo dressed up as animals, skydiving, traveling, swimming with sharks, pranking each other, doing something for charity. We would surprise each other with little notes or lunches or flowers – little things are that matter and doing exciting things are moments that we will all remember.

Like every relationship there are ups and downs but we love each other unconditionally and are ready to spend their lives together forever. No matter what don’t ever settle for someone who doesn’t make your heart beat faster and excites you every day just by being with them.

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