This is 40

Well actually it’s 42! 40 is an age many of us start evaluating our lives. Where we’ve been, what we’ve done, what lies ahead? Amongst many there is a feeling deep inside, a general acceptance that once we hit 40 then that’s it! Physically we are past our prime, that all, that lies ahead of us are creaking joints,double chins and the inevitable middle age spread. Well it turns out that this doesn’t need to be the case at all and Limerick man Jason Kenny is living proof of this.

Jason wears many hats including nutritionist, personal trainer, martial arts instructor to name but a few. But it’s the nutritionist and personal trainer in him that has done the work you see here.

As you can see, at 42 Jason certainly doesn’t believe that 40 means that you’re past your peak. Hitting 40 doesn’t mean that you can no longer stay in shape and be the picture of health and strength. The core of what Jason does is body weighted exercise and good clean eating. He gets a real buzz out of seeing people change and speaking with him if he feels that he has done something just ever so slightly to aid in that, that reward in itself is priceless.
As if all that wasn’t enough he is also a Martial Arts instructor, and our very own Steven Seagal. He is a 4th Dan in Aikido and 5th Dan in JuJitsu and on April 23rd of this year will be representing Ireland at a global meeting in Japan. This no ordinary event the World Butoku Sai, will have many dignitaries present, from members of the royal family to the mayor & local politicians. This is an invite only and Jason is travelling over to London to fly out the English Team. If all that wasn’t enough, he also does a bit of acting and has played cameo recently alongside Liam Cunnigham (Game of Thrones) and Brendan Gleeson (Harry Potter) in the Irish Movie Pursuit, which hit the cinema screens and just recently TV. I really do wonder where he gets his energy from. To top it off, he is a Dad to 3 wonderful boys Rhys, Ashton and Tristan. It is plain to see the influence he has on his family as all of them including his wife Audrey are fitness mad.

Everything Jason does is built around showing, teaching and helping others and somehow he manages to make it fun and easy understand. In his quest to bring enjoyable fitness to the masses Jason has helped with training camps for the White Collar MMA Fighting, the very first of its kind in Ireland, ran by Francis Ryan. As well as the Martial Arts classes that he teaches at The Dojo, in Eastway Business Park, Limerick, he also manages to find time to volunteer with the Irish Coast Guard in Killaloe, where he is the Training Officer.

When you talk to Jason you really get the feeling that any instructions he’s giving you are the very best you can get and that it really is all about you and how to get the very best out of yourself.

Article by: Noel McCarthy
Photography by: Alan Place